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Numismatic Investment Specialists

We believe that with our extensive market experience and contacts, we are well suited to help with your numismatic investment/superannuation portfolios.
Between listings we are usually busily servicing our customers "want lists" and numismatic investment portfolios. Many items are sold without ever being listed.
(Coins are approved investments for both company and self managed superannuation funds).

Your "want" lists are always sought and actively pursued at no obligation to yourself.

Please contact us for obligation FREE advice.

Historically, quality numismatic material has shown compounded returns in access of 8% over the past 10/15 years. A recent Australian Financial Review article commented that rare Australian coins and bank notes (principally pre-decimal) have averaged increases of 15% to 18% a year for the past four or five years.
It went on to say that investors are buying more than collectors as self-managed super funds
are attracted to the rare coin and banknote market.

Coins are an excellent form of "invisible" wealth whose value is recognised internationally, ie there are no title deeds or other "Registration" of ownership. Dealers in Australia, NZ, USA, UK, and Europe (in fact worldwide) are always keen buyers of quality coins. Quality coins are easy to sell - it is buying them that is difficult for dealers and collectors. Current instantaneous information exchange technologies allow dealers worldwide to offer higher prices for quality coins from any country.

Noble Numismatic Auctions, Australian coin auctions and other Australian numismatic auction houses continue to amass realisations in excess of $25 million each year with records being regularly broken for quality or scarce Australian, NZ, and Fijian numismatic material. This augers well for continued above average capital growth in the numismatic areas that we have recommended to our customers.


So please ensure that you contact us for obligation FREE advice on your:
* Current collecting/investment strategy and/or
* Our suggestions for putting together your (tax effective)
collection/numismatic investment and superannuation portfolios.